Polygraph > Graphic Design, Product Design, & Type Design in Washington, DC
Sophisticated restaurant menu design with rose wine for Little Pearl
Custom screenprinted design featuring a face on corrugated cardboard for the Paper and Packaging Board
Animated illustrated fox logo for the cafe The Little Red Fox
Active, bold brand photography of fitness trainer Chris Perrin, owner of CutSeven
Official United States Postal Service forever stamp featuring a patriotic spiral star design
Colorful infographic of data for the award-winning National Journal Washington in the Information Age Report
Stunning linen cover of a bonsai tree for the award winning coffee table photography book, In Training by Stephen Voss
Simple gold shard design on a coffee cup for the Michelin-star awarded Pineapple and Pearls
Graffiti tiger in American Institute of Architects brand red and black for a publication design
Delicious colorful Cava meals in bowls
The word Strength created from numbers for the US Green Building Council report: Strength in Numbers
Animated simple icon designs of dinosaurs, tools, and musical intruments for Princess Awesome clothing brand
Vibrant art direction of a spilling pill bottle for a Kaleo Opioid report
Bright playful brand for Paper and Packaging Board shown on business cards, collateral, pens, and swag
Editorial art publication, Art Desk magazine with closeup of Spencer Finch art piece
Cool cover design with pattern for the Royal Embassy of Norway
Bright professional identity design for west coast assest management firm Wetherby shown on a tablet presentation screen
Powerful black and white photography and design closeup for the non-profit, Global Fund for Children
Stylized old photograph of a mountain scene with bespoke typography for the Little Beaver Inn, chic hotel in Colorado
Custom editorial photoshoot closeup of professional mom with her children for Washingtonian's Mom lifestyle magazine
Beautiful forest image with modern typography and honored style for the Outlook Lodge, boutique hotel in Colorado
Elegant silverware set by Lenox for Macys
Colorized illustration design of a parrot in vibrant hues for design competition
Design Award Winning editorial art publication, Art Desk magazine with closeup of beautiful typography and bright color
Editorial art publication, Art Desk magazine with custom photography of contemporary dance
Rich illustration of houses and trees for the USGBC LEED Certification program's brochures and collateral
Bold graphic triangular pattern for the cover of the Outlook Lodge travelogue, a custom guidebook for the local area for all guests of the hotel
Heart illustration made of various materials for the Award winning USGBC Annual Report publication