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Dryy Garment Care

Wash + Dryy
Total Cleaners, a veteran DC dry cleaner, came to us with a true identity problem. Though they had great service, a strong history, and formidable reach, they were being outshined by trendier start-ups. We crafted a new identity, Dryy, that reflects the company’s straight-forward promise of quality but also has the attitude to stand-out boldly in a newly-crowded field of competitors. Dryy Garment Care is equally friendly and sophisticated. Smart and cheeky. Convenient and tailored. Clean colors, rich black and soft neutrals provide a timeless palette for all of Dryy’s services, and a punchy pattern of iconic laundry elements and expressive type round out the brand experience, whether on the side of a laundry bag or a delivery van.

Naming / Brand Identity / Web Design / Creative Direction / Environmental / Photography / Social

We tailored Dryy's brand for every touchpoint; from brick and mortar, to delivery experience and digital engagement.

To present the authentic Dryy experience for the digital space, we crafted written content, icons and art-directed custom photography.

To marry Dryy’s traditional dry cleaning services with their growing self-serve laundry locker business, we created an app-based sub brand, Dryy Drop. We designed the Dryy Drop identity in a darker color scheme with a few unique elements to brand and connect the physical, on-location black lockers with the accompanying locker app.